Food TV Takes Over Our Lives

My husband would probably never admit to this, but he’s now hooked on watching Food TV with me. A few nights ago we watched the Pad Thai episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and decided to try a little Pad Thai of our own. Since we don’t have an ethnic grocery store right around the corner we did the best we could do at our local grocery store. After rummaging the shelves we found enough of the ingredients and substitute ingredients to make an amazing Pad Thai.

We followed this recipe from the Food Network. We certainly made a few mistakes along the way, including not chopping the chicken into small enough pieces and placing way too many noodles in the wok, but overall we created a very tasty dinner. We cooked so much, in fact, that my husband has reheated the remainder of the dish twice already and I think he has enough to eat as lunch tomorrow.

The best thing about Food TV is that it’s gotten us both interested in trying new things together. Our date nights now consist of shopping for unique ingredients, preparing and cooking the meal and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We’ve replaced expensive dinners with quality time in the kitchen together.

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  1. Pad Thai is delicious, and here in Australia it's practically comfort food for us!

    Thai resturants are everywhere, even in all our mall food courts usually too.


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