I Make Too Much Money To Eat Icy Ice Cream

I am certainly the frugal girl, but tonight I threw out a $5 carton of iced over ice cream. Ok, I probably didn’t pay $5 for that carton, but nevertheless I did throw it out. I’ve been using my saran wrap trick for quite some time and although the top of the ice cream was perfectly silky and smooth, the sides were completely iced over. I took a bite or two thinking, “it can’t be that bad,” but it was worse than bad, it was awful. So I flushed the ice cream down the drain and popped open a brand new container. The whole while I couldn’t help thinking I’m so ridiculously frugal in so many aspects of life, but I make too much money to consider eating icy ice cream.

1 thought on “I Make Too Much Money To Eat Icy Ice Cream”

  1. I can't usually bring myself to eat stuff like that either.

    This is where children come in handy, though…I can put freezer burnt ice cream in the blender and make milkshakes, and my kids never know the difference.

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend having children to save money, though…overall, they're a financial drain. lol I wouldn't give them up, though. šŸ™‚


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