Four Speeding Tickets in A Month!


I’m a pretty good driver. I pay attention to the traffic in front of me. I check my mirrors and I always look before switching lanes. I don’t text while driving and I use bluetooth whenever I’m on the phone. In the twenty years since I started driving I have only been in one minor, fender-bender type accident. Technically I think it might have been my fault, but the police who were called to the scene blamed the other driver.

The only trouble I have with driving is my inability to drive the actual speed. I tend to push the gas a little harder than I should. Up until now I’ve never paid for a speeding ticket. I received two or three warnings many moons ago, but nothing in the past ten years. So you can imagine my shock at finding four speeding tickets in the mail over the course of three weeks!

Technically I am only responsible for three of the tickets; my husband triggered the speeding camera on the fourth one. The speed light camera catches anyone traveling 12 miles over the speed limit and in three of the four tickets we were traveling exactly twelve miles over.

Each ticket cost us $40 and each charged a $2 or $3 fee for processing. So just like that we are out over $160! On each occasion I was in a hurry, which isn’t an excuse for driving too fast, but is true nonetheless.

I need to add a little extra time into my travels, so I’m not in such a hurry moving forward. It looks like I also need to drive a little slower from this point on…

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  1. My friend has a GPS which beeps when they there are traffic cameras nearby. Don’t know about speeding cams though. I’ve got one speeding ticket before going 13 miles over the limit. In my area the fine is $140. At least it’s Canadian dollars lol. But I learned my lesson and never sped again.


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