Why It Pays to Be Organized

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I maintain a number of lists to keep my life organized. One is a to-do list full of simple actions that need to be completed in the next few days/weeks. Another is the collective buying list that includes a list of coupons and their expiration dates. This ensures those Groupon purchases no longer go to waste.

I also maintain a list called Things to Look Out For. This list includes items like Look for Survey Payout or Keep an Eye out for UPS Package from eBay. There are a lot of things going on in my life in any given day and I have a lot of trouble keeping track of checks, payouts and packages. I write down a description of the item, the amount and the date I expect it to arrive.

This list has paid for itself more times than I can count. Just today I ran down the list and realized that I was still awaiting payment for returned car tags. I shipped them via USPS and received a confirmation of arrival on March 31st, but months passed and a check never arrived in the mail.

If I hadn’t written myself a note I never would’ve thought about those tags or I would’ve thought about them long after the window for receiving a refund was over.

Thanks to that note I spent five minutes on the phone with the Maryland MVA and should expect a $90 check in the mail in the next three to four weeks. I updated my note with today’s date and the expected arrival. If a month passes without a check I’ll be sure to call again.

I’m sure many of you are much more organized and in tune with the items that should or should not be arriving in the mail, but unfortunately I am no longer one of those people. This list helps me keep track and since it’s inception I have recovered over $600. Not too shabby from simply writing down the amount, date and item I expect to receive.

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