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Frugal Do-It-Yourself Homeowner Transports Screen Doors on Subway

Imagine dragging 4-by-4s, screen doors, a six-foot section of picket fence, a lawn mower, a 75-foot garden hose or a six-foot stepladder onto the Washington, DC metro. That’s exactly how one do-it-yourself homeowner transports supplies from the hardware store to his home. Unwilling to pay for the cost of a pick-up truck rental and unable to convince a cabbie to give him a ride, one Maryland resident has repeatedly resorted to transporting supplies on metro.

If you have ever ridden on the Washington, DC metro system you will definitely get a kick out of this story. It’s difficult enough to carry grocery bags onto the train. I can’t imagine lugging around a large screen door or a lawn mower.

Rachel @ Master Your Card

Tuesday 24th of June 2008

I guess with the increasing costs of fuel, we will all be relying on this type of transport soon enough. Perhaps we will even be transporting our cars on the bus!