My 29 Day Giving Challenge Comes to an End

My 29 Day Giving Challenge officially ended a few days ago. I missed a few days in between but overall I managed to give a gift every day. Here is a break down of all of the gifts I gave:

  1. A Gift for My Husband (Night Table)
  2. A Book for My Mom (Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul)
  3. A Gift for the Troops (Toiletry Items)
  4. Time with My Mom
  5. Donation of Sundresses and Evening Gowns
  6. A Cookbook for My Dad
  7. Dinner for My Family (Baked Ziti)
  8. More Time w/ My Mom
  9. Birthday Gifts for My Mother-in-Law
  10. Reusable Grocery Bags
  11. Two Pink, Brand-New Bridesmaid Dresses
  12. Time for Meditation
  13. A Candy Bar for a Co-Worker
  14. $3.50 Worth of Coupons to a Random Shopper
  15. Donation to the Local Fire Department
  16. Computer Game for My Brother (It was his birthday.)
  17. Anti-Nausea Wrist Bands for My Sister-in-law who is undergoing Chemo
  18. Mailed PaperBackSwap book via First Class Mail rather than Media Mail
  19. Donated Clothes to the Donation Center in North Carolina
  20. Spent Time w/ My In-Laws for Father’s Day
  21. Food for My Co-workers
  22. $4 Worth of Coupons to a Random Shopper and Her Husband
  23. Took the Broken Apple TV to the Apple Store for My Husband
  24. Donation to Fund a Child’s Trip to Summer Camp
  25. Donation to Charity to Support Cancer Research
  26. Gave a Homeless Man a Banana and a Cookie
  27. Time with my Grandmother
  28. Time to Reflect

I’m very glad I participated in this challenge. It was nice to spend a few minutes each day thinking about how I could help someone else. It helped me to recognize just how blessed my life is and just how much I have to give.

2 thoughts on “My 29 Day Giving Challenge Comes to an End”

  1. Hi Frugal Girl!
    My cousin’s wife was diagnosed with breat cancer, and is currently undergoing chemo before her surgery. I saw you bought your sister-in-law anti-nausea bracelets. Where did you find them, and can you recommend any other types of gifts or spirit-lifting things I can send to her? I’m at a loss.

    Your challenge sounds amazing. Congratulations! You are definitely an inspiriation.


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