Giving Thanks

Earlier in the week I wasn’t feeling so thankful. I received news on Monday that the recovery from my medical procedure is going to take even longer than expected. It seems if 99% of the population does not have a problem, I fall into the 1% of all people who will. This reoccuring theme is enough to get any girl down, even one who tries to remain upbeat and positive. All week I kept thinking that it’s almost Thanksgiving and that I should be grateful for all that I have, even though I’m lacking the thing I want most… good health. I was depressed, really depressed, and in pain most of the week, due to a lot of rain and damp weather in my side of the world. Until today…

Anyone with a family as wonderful as mine cannot be sad on Thanksgiving day. Just having all of the people around me that I’ve grown up loving, or have grown to love, has reminded me just how thankful I should be. So I go to bed tonight, still in pain, but thankful for all that God has given me.

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