Not sure what to give for Christmas, get a little gift advice…

I came across the website eons ago. I’m not sure how I found it, but I have been using it ever since. enables you to search for gift ideas based on various criteria. It provides standard searches like searching by occasion (birthdays, baptisms, holidays, weddings, retirements) or by recipient (brother, father, teacher, new parent). But it also allows you to search on a variety of other criteria such as hobbies and interests, personality, lifestyle, and sports. The hobby section includes groups like ‘loves to cook’, ‘loves their car’, ‘loves to travel’, as well as more obscure groupings like ‘shops garage sales’, ‘computer geek’ and ‘still loves cartoons’. The lifestyle section includes groupings like ‘commuter’, single dad’, ‘mid-life crisis’, and ‘divorcing’. Personality includes groups like ‘a little bit country’, ‘sleepy’, ‘unconventional romantic’, and ‘dreamer’. For the athletes in your life you can also search by sport. There are 33 categories including just about every sport and also those categories which are more spectator than player, like ‘auto-racing fan’.

If you’re not sure what to buy that certain someone in your life I definitely recommend this website for great gift ideas. It didn’t help me find a gift for my husband, but it did help me find something special for my grandmother.

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