Goodbye Sunday Subscription

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A month ago I considered giving my newspaper subscription the boot. I called the Washington Post to cancel, but was quickly convinced to remain a subscriber for a significantly reduced price.

I spent the next three Sundays reluctantly picking up the paper on Sunday morning. The coupon inserts would sit on top of our dining room table for days and when I finally took the time to sort and organize them I found very few worth clipping.

Then we went on vacation and I realized that I really didn’t want to deal with clipping coupons when I returned. I can cancel the paper for two weeks, but I won’t receive a refund or extension and that my friends is simply money down the tubes.

There are so many coupons available from the Internet these days that I rarely find a need to clip the ones I find in the paper. In fact, many of the Internet coupons are better than the ones you can find in print.

So I finally called the Washington Post and cancelled. They tried to persuade me to remain a subscriber, but this time around I held my ground. Goodbye Sunday paper! Goodbye big coupon binder!

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