Opening Myself Up to the World


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about posting a picture of myself on this blog. A part of me wants to reveal my identity and another part knows some family members would not take so kindly to the topics I’ve written about.

I’ve been torn about revealing myself to the world. By not including my name on this blog I am able to write about just about anything my little heart desires with little to no worry of family and friends being angry with me.

The other piece of me feels like something is missing. I read other blogs by authors who list their names and wonder if they are on to something. They don’t seem to be afraid to tell their stories.

Do they hold back a little because their names are plastered on the about me page or are they actually more open to telling their story?

How much of my life is lived in fear and what exactly am I so afraid of? It’s a question that keeps popping up in the back of my mind.

Six years ago a coworker identified me. Should I let others know who I am?

8 thoughts on “Opening Myself Up to the World”

  1. I have wrestled with the same question. Several years ago I had a blog that was more of a business, and I had my real name on it. Then I transitioned to a more personal blog, and here I also used my name and the address was pretty identifiable. I DO feel like I held back – would I want my grandmother to find out what I had written? I just recently restarted my blog with an intention to be more anonymous. While if someone wanted to dig, I’m sure they could figure me out, but I do like the idea of sharing and creating community without putting everything out there – both that’s mine AND that of my family. I’ve actually quite admired how you’ve managed to write an engaging blog while maintaining your privacy. It’s up to you whether you’d like to keep it up, because there’s no going back.

  2. I like to blog anonymously for security reasons. I wrote a post a few days ago about why it’s a bad idea to tell people how much money you have lol, and since I expose all my investments I don’t feel comfortable letting people in real life finding out about it. But I think it’s possible to put yourself out in the open and still feel comfortable talking about anything you want like many other bloggers do. You will probably get a lot more attention in real life with people asking about how your blog is doing. Plus it’s more likely for acquaintances to secretly stalk you lol. I think if you’re a secret millionaire but never blog about that aspect of yourself, or if you have nothing to hide, then go ahead and bridge the gap between your online and offline lives, otherwise you should think twice šŸ˜€

  3. I can tell you that I personally do not put my name or face on the page because I don’t want people to see my net worth updates and ask me questions at work.

    Otherwise, if I didn’t post my personal numbers, I wouldn’t be Anonymous but I would definitely censor what I write.

  4. Since you blog about your finances, I recommend keeping your profile anonymous for security reasons. Perhaps you could post an avatar with similar features as yours in place of a real photo. That way your readers have an idea of what you look like without it being too revealing.


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