Happy Thoughts for this 4th of July

I’m trying to count my blessings more often and this week was full of them.

On Sunday my hubby and I took my grandmother out to lunch. We then drove her to Tweeter, helped her pick out a TV stand, lugged it home, and put it together for her. Many people never get to know their grandparents. I am lucky to still have her in my life.

On Monday my fabulous friend M.W. swung by for a late night dinner. M.W, my hubby and I sat around our little kitchen table eating grilled chicken and baked potatoes and talking about nothing in particular. M.W. is going through a very big transition in her life and I’m glad that she was able to come by for a little while.

On Tuesday evening I was glued to my computer. I missed a chunk of the day in doctor’s offices and I was desperately trying to catch up on work. My husband ventured downstairs and returned a few minutes later with a yummy Blue Mango smoothie.

On Wednesday a very sweet woman from the post office called to let me know she’d found a set of keys that I’d lost in the mail. She shipped them back to my house on Wednesday evening and I received them early Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday my father-in-law stopped by to help me construct a brick retaining wall around our azalea bed. We spent the entire time talking about LLCs, farms, property, and rental income.

Today I spent an hour on the phone yapping with my parents, which I always enjoy. Then I headed up the hill to spend the fourth of July with my in-laws. As the sky grew dark we headed off to campus and watched some amazing fourth of July fireworks together.

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