Refunded $234 by Sear’s Price Match Plus Policy

A few weeks ago my husband and I purchased a new refrigerator for our beach house in North Carolina. On the Outer Banks appliance shopping is limited to two stores: Home Depot & Sears. So we jumped in the car and headed out to look around. Ultimately we decided to purchase a bottom freezer refrigerator from Sears. Two weeks after we returned home we received word that our stove was also in need of replacement. We visited a local Sears in our area to find a stove we liked and ordered the appliance over the phone with the Sears store in North Carolina.

As an incentive Sears offered a $75 delivery rebate on any appliance of $299 or more. In order to claim the rebate we had to log into the system with information found on the sales receipt. This wasn’t a problem for the refrigerator, because we ordered the appliance in the store, but we didn’t have a receipt for the stove that we ordered over the phone.

I figured the Sears store in North Carolina could provide me with the information I needed, but I couldn’t even find an order number for our purchase. So I went online to write down the make and model of the stove we ordered. I found the stove on sale for $55 less than we paid just two weeks earlier. I hated the idea that we paid $55 more two weeks ago then we would have paid today, so I poked around to see if Sears had a price guarantee policy. Sure enough, I found the Price Match Plus policy, which states that Sears will refund the difference in price on any item that is discounted within 30 days of the initial purchase.

I called the Sears store down in North Carolina and asked for the information to attain the delivery rebate. A very nice gentlemen helped me out and gave me the numbers I needed. I then explained that Sears was holding a sale that decreased the price of the stove by roughly $55. He placed me on hold for two minutes and returned to let me know I would be credited the difference. I thanked him and hung up.

As soon as I hung up I thought about the fridge that we purchased a few weeks earlier. I searched online and found the refrigerator was on sale too. I called the store back and explained that I wanted the Price Match Plus Guarantee for the refrigerator I purchased. A few minutes later a very kind woman returned to let me know the difference was over $176!

The total savings: $234.43.

2 thoughts on “Refunded $234 by Sear’s Price Match Plus Policy”

  1. I used to work at Sears and I used to love telling people about the Price Match policy. If they had any reservations about their purchase, I just told them to keep an eye on the website or other companies ads. If they saw a lower price, they were to call me on the phone and I would get them the better price. It really seemed to ease their price concerns. Any plans with the savings?

  2. I’m saving up for a new dishwasher. Since we replaced the fridge and stove, the dishwasher is the oldest appliance left in the kitchen, and will definitely be in need of replacement sometime soon.


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