Saving Money on Dinner

Late nights at work always result in random choices for dinner. Last night we ate grilled cheese at 10 o’clock at night. Tonight we ate grilled chicken without any sides. Every so often work seems to get the better of us. With no children in the house and no need to rush home we sometimes get home too late to make a decent meal. When that happens we’ll cook whatever we can find in the pantry. We defrosted chicken for dinner but I wasn’t in the mood to take the effort to make anything else. So we ate the chicken and called it a night.

To add to the time crunch of working late, we’ve also been trying to save up for some new camera equipment for my husband. Rather than going out to eat or heading to the grocery store we’re trying our best to cook whatever is already in the house. For the last few nights this resulted in some unusual meals, but eating the food in the pantry really does save a lot of money.

Grilled cheese has become a staple in our household on late nights when we’re trying to save. We’ve also turned to breakfast foods like pancakes and french toast or simple sandwiches like tuna and turkey and cheese. They are not exactly the tastiest of meals, but they are quick to prepare, (after a long day of work), and extremely cheap. Still… I’m hoping for something tastier tomorrow.

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