Hiding Money in PayPal: My Secret PayPal Account

secret paypal account

Hiding money in PayPal is easy. It’s effortless to hide money without anyone finding out about it. Paper bank statements never arrive in the mail. I don’t need to go to a bank to retrieve cash, and I can quickly move money without anyone else noticing.

If you are searching for a secret bank account, PayPal is your place. You can open an account within minutes and stash money away without anyone finding out about it.

How do I know? I hid one from my husband for years.

Hiding Money From My Spouse

Shortly after my husband and I were married, he began taking over our day-to-day finances. We treat our marriage as a partnership and make joint decisions on almost every financial issue.

Whether it’s household expenditures or financial investments, we discuss all options and alternatives together. More often than not, we bring perspectives to the table that the other spouse had never considered, and so far, I believe this has helped us save and invest money wisely.

A few years back, I was worried that we were spending money frivolously. After a long debate over food expenses, my husband decided to journal our bills.

Every month when the credit card bill arrives, he journals each expense and classifies each purchase category. Amazingly we now know where every penny goes. For the record, he was right; we weren’t spending much on food at all.

Before my husband’s journaling, I was a ‘continual returner.’ I would purchase an item, come home, decide I didn’t like it and return it to the store. My husband used to joke that I always had at least two or three items in the trunk, sitting in bags, with tags, waiting to be returned.

This behavior stopped cold turkey when my husband complained about journaling all of these expenses. All of the charges and refunds were driving him crazy.

Secret PayPal Account

So this brings me to my secret PayPal account. A few years back, I began cleaning the house and listing items for sale out on eBay. As you probably know, the easiest way to buy and sell on eBay is with a PayPal account.

Knowing that my husband hates these two entities and that journaling these small transactions would be an enormous pain, I decided not to tell him about them. 

Oh, I told him that I was selling some of our stuff on eBay, but he never asked for specifics, so I didn’t tell him.

Hiding Money in PayPal

But tonight, he asked if I had money in my PayPal. I told him the truth about how much money I had in the account and that it came from my eBay sales. The truth is I was hiding money in PayPal. 

Thankfully my husband and I trust one another, so he wasn’t worried about these tiny transactions.

Funny enough, he was happy that I hadn’t bothered him with the details. He didn’t want to be bothered with journaling these piddly transactions, but in a different relationship, this secrecy could have caused an end to our trust and our relationship.

Financial dishonesty is a sure-fire way to end a marriage. 

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  1. I don’t have a ‘secret’ account from my boyfriend but we do talk about our finances. We keep separate accounts and I think I would do the same with my husband when I get married. We would have a joint account for the things that are used by both of us like the rent and electricity. We split the groceries but I don’t eat red meat so he buys that out of his personal account and I get my stuff out of my personal account. My honey loves eBay and PayPal so I don’t have the issue that you guys had…but then it is good that he did not freak out when you told him.


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