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How Does Barnes and Noble Stay in Business

Every so often I go through a must-read book phase. I’ll go for months on end without reading and then I’ll suddenly crave the pages of a good novel. I haven’t purchased a book for quite awhile, but I have a Groupon to Barnes and Noble burning a hole in my pocket so I thought I’d go online in search of something new to read.

Honestly I don’t know how Borders and Barnes and Noble stay in business. The cost per book and DVD is so much higher than Amazon! One book cost $12 on Amazon and $19 on Barnes and Noble.

I simply don’t want to pay $7 more for a book that I know I can buy cheaper elsewhere. I placed a whole bunch of items in my Barnes and Noble shopping cart, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of paying more money by purchasing my books there.

I paid $10 for the $20 Groupon to Barnes and Noble, so I will save money, but I think I would’ve saved more money or close to as much money simply by shopping on Amazon in the first place. I considered purchasing one book and one DVD tonight. The two items combined cost $12 less on and I only saved $10 by purchasing the Groupon.

Of course, my Groupon is set to expire in a couple of weeks, so I need to find something to purchase sooner than later. I have a couple of books in mind, but nothing earth shattering.

If you’ve read any good novels lately let me know. I’d love to find something new and enticing!


Friday 8th of April 2011

When you are in a book mood, there are cheaper options than Amazon. Three levels and three more options to explore! or join and only pay for media mail shipping when you swap a book with someone elseor ultimate savings on books -- Your Local Library! Free books. Keep a que list online (this is normal at libraries now). The librarians pull them from the shelves for you and then they tell you when they are in and you can just pop in and get them. Free is good. Free without wasted time, priceless! Happy reading!

One Frugal Girl

Monday 28th of March 2011

@CometGirl63 - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the recommendations. I've heard good things about 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'.

@Ruby Leigh - There is definitely something to be said for wandering through the isles, but I wonder how many books the typical person buys this way. I think I bought fewer books in store because you can read a few pages and decide whether or not you really like the book. - Borders has always confused me :-) Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Thanks for the recommendations. I've added them to my list!

@Little Miss Moneybags - I absolutely love local mom and pop book stores. A lot of the ones around me have been going out of business and it's a real shame. I bought many a used book from their shelves back in the day.

@anonymous - Good point on the return issue. I often buy from clothing stores that have a brick and mortar location so I can return items that don't fit.

@anonymous - It's true that some books are the same price as Amazon, but book for book Amazon definitely has the same and/or lower prices on just about everything.


Sunday 27th of March 2011

Many of B&N's ebooks are the same price as Amazon's. You don't need a Nook - I read them on my laptop or iPad.


Saturday 26th of March 2011

If there is a risk I might need to return an item, I tend to favor stores with a local location so I don't need to worry about deal with return shipping and restocking fees.

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Friday 25th of March 2011