A Round Trip Commute in Half the Time

I drove to my new office location today. This morning’s commute took a whopping 22 minutes, this afternoon’s commute just over 30. I can’t stop smiling at the realization that I can now drive back and forth in the same amount of time it previously took me to drive just one way!

At my old job I would never leave the office between 5 and 7 for fear of getting stuck in two hours worth of traffic on the beltway. So if my meetings wrapped up late I would force myself to stay at my desk and work an extra hour or two just to let the time go by. That might sound crazy, but it was much less stressful to sit at my desk then cram myself into my car and inch my way home.

Today I left at the ripe old hour of 5:30. While that might not sound remarkable to any of you, I must say that I have not commuted during that time of day for over four years! Can you imagine that?

This evening after I wrapped up my work I decided it was time to go home. I wasn’t panicked about the commute home, I wasn’t worried about the status of my neck and back after driving for two hours. Nope, none of that. I simply got in my car and drove the 9 miles.

I felt remarkably free and liberated by the mere concept of leaving work when I was finished working. Crazy, huh?

4 thoughts on “A Round Trip Commute in Half the Time”

  1. I hate my drive on the Beltway! you are right, try to leave any time after 5, or before 7 and you can expect to tag at least an extra hour on your normal commute time. Factor in any sort of bad weather, heck even sunshine, and you can tag on MORE time.

    I keep telling people that the commute around here is going to kill me. But I also keep telling myself, 3 more years and I'm outta here!

    I can only imagine what it feels like to have cut that commute in half!

  2. Absolutely not crazy! I live in So Cal and I used to drive 47 miles one way to work. I then changed jobs and now I drive 8 miles one way to work. I got my LIFE back.


  3. @Mercedes – What happens in 3 years?

    @Dreamin – It was the perfect way to start the new job!

    @Anonymous – I definitely feel like I got my life back! There are so many more hours in the day now!


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