The Long Drive Home

I left work at quarter after four today. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. I didn’t want to sit in my car for an hour and a half drive home, but I knew my fate the minute the last meeting of the day ran well over schedule.

I gathered my belongings, rode the elevator down to the third floor and stepped out of the building for the last time as an employee in this particular office.

When I saw the brake lights up ahead only fifteen minutes into my drive I knew it was going to be a long hike home. I rolled up the windows and screamed. Literally screamed. That feeling of utter frustration and angst that can only be released with one good yell.

This has been an absolutely atrocious week at work and I have to say that it felt quite fitting to drive home on my very last day on this job in a sea full of traffic.

Starting next week my 29.1 mile drive will be reduced to 9.9 miles. My average one to one an a half hour commute will be reduced to a mere thirty minutes! To say that I’m giddy at the thought of avoiding traffic is a ridiculous understatement!

5 thoughts on “The Long Drive Home”

  1. woo hoo! commuting is my number one pet peeve, so glad you are reducing yours so much! your quality of life will no doubt vastly improve!

    although i still can't believe that 10 miles will take 30 minutes…

  2. I can't wait until the day I can say that I have aless than 10 miles to commute to and from work. As it stands right now my 22 mile drive can take anywhere from 30 minutes (at 6 am) to 90 minutes + (any time after 5 and before 7)

    Seems the traffic jam was just more reinforcement that you made the right move to a different position at a different office!

  3. And, you'll save money on gas! Now, if you could ride to work then you'd save money on gas, insurance and a CAR! But, maybe that's too much. All the best to you and hope this new job leads to much success.

  4. I can totally appreaciate frustration with an extensive commute, as that is my own experience too. I love my job though, so I guess that's why I live with it.

  5. @Sense – It's all about the lights and stop signs. Get rid of those and a 30 minute commute turns into 10 minutes.

    @Mercedes – I completely feel for you. My morning drive took at least 40 minutes and my ride home was never less than 70 minutes.

    @Jerry – I could actually metro to work, but I'd have to ride the metro all the way in and out of the city, which would actually take me twice as long to get there.

    @Ruby Leigh – If I loved my job I could see driving out to it. Unfortunately, I'm not loving it!


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