How Much Did I Earn From Online Endeavors in 2014

Just how much money did I earn from online endeavors in 2014? Here is the breakdown in comparison to 2012 and 2013:

Category 2012 2013 2014
Amazon Sales $28.68 $24.73 $0.00
Book Sales $101.07 $48.75 $43.97
eBay Sales $641.73 $252.69 $54.90
Goods Received $140.00 $545.69 $0.00
Surveys $474.00 $867.50 $484.00
Rebates & Cash Back $233.51 $119.42 $371.26
Writing Contests $750.00 $0 $0
Prizes from Giveaways $149.00 $1,755.95 $1,224.99
Advertising $1,957.25 $3,233.35 $2,594.70
TOTAL $4,475.24  $6,848.08 $4,773.82

And here it is in a pretty pie chart form:

2014 Revenue

The numbers are pretty pitiful. A $2,074.26 drop from last year. As you can guess from the numbers above I sold almost nothing. In fact, the $54.90 eBay total came from one sale; a baby monitor that didn’t work with the cameras I purchased.

In 2013 I was given a plethora of goods to review. Everything from free canvas prints, to wall decals and even laundry related items. Last year I didn’t receive a single offer.

A few of my go-to survey sites stopped producing big bucks last year and in general I lost interest in wasting time starting surveys that never seemed to pay out. A few also changed their cash out rules, so you can only request gift cards once a quarter, which means I can bank a ton of points but never use them for anything worthwhile.

The only category that increased was cash back and rebates. I started using Ibotta, SavingStar and Checkout51 much more frequently. I also made certain to click through Mr. Rebates, Ebates and TopCashBack whenever shopping online. Of course, this category is rather misleading, because it also means I probably spent a whole lot of money to earn back as much as I did.

In 2013 I was particularly lucky and won a total of twenty-one giveaways. This year my overall earnings weren’t quite as high, but I still managed to bring home $1,224.99 from thirteen different contests. I entered fewer contests overall this year and participated in fewer tweet chat related giveaways. These days I only submit easy entry forms with super low entries, which means my numbers will probably dwindle even more.

My advertising revenue also fell a bit from last year. In general I received fewer offers to advertise and the rates for each advertisement were lower than ever before.

Overall the picture is rather bleak, but in general I didn’t push things as hard as I did the previous year, so it’s not surprising I earned a whole lot less.

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