A Very Lucky Year Indeed


I started keeping track of the money I earned from online contests and giveaways in 2012. That year I won $149 in online contests and $750 from two writing contests. In 2013 my luck continued and I won a total of $1,775! Do you see the large turquoise section of the pie chart below. That’s the amount of money I earned from online giveaways in comparison to the money I earned from all other online endeavors. It is a good chunk of it.

Pie Chart for 2013

I don’t spend much time submitting entries to online contests, so it is rather remarkable how much money I raked in.

My husband thinks my passion for winning is quite funny. He pointed out how odd it is that I get more excited about winning money than I do about earning it. He believes it is an inherited trait or at the very least something I learned from my father. My dad talks a lot about being lucky in life. I actually think about feeling lucky in life quite a bit.

Last year was lucky in many ways. I was able to stay home with my son for another year. My marriage strengthened as my husband and I learned to talk through our problems and my health although not perfect has been manageable. I have fewer days with pain than without them! I am actually quite amazed at all that my body can accomplish. Before my son was born I wondered how I would hold a baby in my left arm. Now I lift and carry a twenty-eight pound baby and most days I am no worse for wear for doing it.

There are many reasons for feeling lucky. Those are just a few that pop off the top of my head. Keeping a gratitude journal also helps. The more I reflect on the good in life the happier and luckier I feel. Oh and winning a little cash never hurts either!

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  1. What an excellent idea to keep track. I think charts are one of the more motivating ways we can make goals and stick to our plans. Even if the goal is nothing more elaborate than ‘do a little better next week/month/year” It’s something to go off of!

    Nice work.


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