I Chose the Cheapest Option: Going Nude

For the past month or so I’ve found it quite difficult to stay asleep. I fall asleep rather quickly, (almost as soon as I turn out the light), but around four or five o’clock in the morning I find myself wide awake. Once I wake up I can’t seem to find a comfy spot to sleep. I toss and turn from one side to the other and ultimately end up sitting up in bed looking at my iPhone until I get tired enough to turn off my phone and fall asleep again.

Since I can’t seem to get comfortable I thought the problem might be related to my blankets or clothes. I started sleeping with a different blanket and started experimenting with different clothes. When nothing in my dresser seemed to do the trick I went out in search of something new.

I stopped by the lingerie/pajama department in search of something cute but comfy to sleep in. I typically wear boxers and a tank top to bed, but I’ve been looking for something that is much softer and hopefully a little sexier too.

I tried on a whole bunch of different items, but I seem to find them all a little less comfortable than I’d like for some reason or another. When I finally found something that seemed just right I took a look at the price tag and decided it wasn’t worth the price. After all I’m just sleeping in it.

After trying a few more stores I came home empty handed. I searched through my drawers once more in search of something that would do the trick and when I couldn’t find anything I did what any rationale human being would do. I took off nearly all my clothes and laid down almost entirely in the nude.

It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in quite some time!

5 thoughts on “I Chose the Cheapest Option: Going Nude”

  1. This is also the most eco-friendly option, as you only need to wash your sheets — not a series of pajamas, as well!s

  2. …and I'm guessing Husband loves it!
    We've been sleeping this way for 29-plus years, except for trips away (if I have to share hotel rooms with roommates or family), sickness, or a few nights when it was just too dingdang cold.
    You don't wake up with your clothes twisted around you in a chokehold, and even icy skin warms up quickly. Now, if you can give an option for dealing with cold feet!

  3. @Annabelle – That's a funny way to think about it. I might need to wash the sheets more frequently!

    @Cindy – Yeah, no complaints, that's for sure and oh SO comfy!

    @Pam – Silk feels so great, but by morning it always winds up bunched up around me.

    @pharmboy – Hysterical!


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