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I Won! I Won!

I won two coupons in the POM Wonderful Giveaway over at My Good Cents!One for a free bottle of POM Wonderful, the other for a free bottle of POM Tea. In January I wrote a post about falling in love with POM after using a coupon to buy a bottle. After writing that post I bought ten $1 POM coupons on eBay and promptly went out to the grocery store to purchase ten bottles.

I am a huge fan of POM. Thanks so much My Good Cents for randomly picking me!


Saturday 30th of August 2008

Oh, man, I LOVE pomegranates. They are one of my daughter's favorite fruits, and they have lead to more than one red stain on a shirt from her little hands... POM makes some great juice and they have the added insurance of great nutrition, as well. Enjoy!Jerry


Thursday 21st of August 2008

I'm so glad they are going to a good home :) They went in the mail yesterday.. Enjoy :)