I Won! I Won!

I won two coupons in the POM Wonderful Giveaway over at My Good Cents!One for a free bottle of POM Wonderful, the other for a free bottle of POM Tea. In January I wrote a post about falling in love with POM after using a coupon to buy a bottle. After writing that post I bought ten $1 POM coupons on eBay and promptly went out to the grocery store to purchase ten bottles.

I am a huge fan of POM. Thanks so much My Good Cents for randomly picking me!

2 thoughts on “I Won! I Won!”

  1. Oh, man, I LOVE pomegranates. They are one of my daughter’s favorite fruits, and they have lead to more than one red stain on a shirt from her little hands… POM makes some great juice and they have the added insurance of great nutrition, as well. Enjoy!


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