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In This Economy, Who Spends $35 for a Cheese Grater?

As I was walking out of Williams-Sonoma this afternoon I stopped to look a display full of cheese graters. An employee, who was stationed by the door, informed me that there were other graters in the back of the store and suggested that I take a look there. I thanked the woman and asked her how business had been this season. While I was inside the store I noticed only a handful of shoppers. She told me the store had been extremely busy the day after Christmas but other than that it had been slow season.

I looked back down at the grater and said, “I can’t imagine too many people are willing to pay $35 for a cheese grater in this economy.” She laughed and said, “This is Williams-Sonoma. People that come into this store know they are going to pay a lot for a quality item.” Although I completely understand paying more for a quality item I cannot imagine too many people are shelling out $35 for a cheese grater these days. I’m sure there is a food connoisseur out there somewhere that can tell me why a $35 cheese grater works better than a $10 cheese grater, but for my purposes the $10 model will serve it’s purpose just fine.

The employee, who probably cannot afford to buy a $35 cheese grater herself, quietly pulled me aside, and recommended that I try a less expensive store in the mall. She admitted that it a select clientele was shopping in Williams-Sonoma these days and then quietly provided me with the name and location of the other store. I thanked her for her time and wished her a happy new year. Upstairs in the store she recommended, cheese graters were selling for less than the half of the Williams-Sonoma price.

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 6th of January 2009

@Juice -- You are correct!


Tuesday 6th of January 2009

I think I know the mall where you were shopping. The store upstairs generally has samples of different dipping sauces, yes?


Saturday 3rd of January 2009

Yeah, I think $35 is a bit excessive.

My mantra is usually to not go for the cheapest but something mid-range and something that looks like it won't break in a day and a half of use.

Usually I get at least my money's worth and mostly I get a lot more worth than buying either the cheapest or the most expensive.


Saturday 3rd of January 2009

She's right though, regarding the people who would shop there. You don't go into a WS expecting to pay a few dollars for something; you know that you're paying for the brand/location. A good many of those people who are at that level aren't really impacted to the same extent as some others.


Thursday 1st of January 2009

I'm quietly chuckling because I think I have a WS cheese grater in my drawer, bought during my more frivolous years. :)

Now, I am all about paying for quality on some things, but I agree with you that I'm not sure a cheese grater is one of them. Especially since I am rather lazy, and tend to buy shredded cheese if it's needed. :)