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I am an enormous fan of Leo Babauta’s site Zen Habits, which provides unlimited inspiration. While other posts in my RSS reader go unread, I don’t think I’ve missed one of Leo’s posts in months. Zen Habits focuses on a variety of topics including productivity, organization, health, parenting, frugality and motivation, but the most notable posts and my personal favorites focus on happiness and simplicity.

I’ve linked to Leo’s site on many occasions as I hope my readers will find as much inspiration in his words as I do. Leo’s first book Zen to Done has been on my reading list for months. On December 30th, Leo announced the launch of his second book, The Power of Less. If you purchase The Power of Less by midnight tonight Leo will also provide you with one of the following three freebies:

  • The Zen To Done ebook
  • The Zen Habits Handbook for Life ebook
  • An exclusive audio podcast of weight loss tips

The instructions for obtaining one of these freebies can be found here. You can also receive one of these by blogging about the launch of his new book by midnight tonight.

To see if you might like The Power of Less, download Leo’s companion ebook: Thriving on Less: Simplifying in a Tough Economy. It’s a quick and very informative read.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Everyone can benefit from thinking of simplifying and living with less. Not only is it insurance for your budget it’s good for the environment. I hope 2009 leads to all good things for you and yours.


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