Is Karma on My Side Again?

I returned a couple of Christmas gifts last night, most notably a large Calphalon pan my husband purchased at Macy’s for $127.99. I had every intention of keeping the pan, despite the hefty price. Cookware is one item that I will not skimp on. After all, if you have good pots and pans in the kitchen you will cook at home more and eat out less often. Believe me before we had solid cookware we ate out a lot, but once we replaced our pots and pans cooking became quite enjoyable.

I returned the pan because it was dented on one side and the lid would not rest properly on top. If the pan had been cheaper I might have let the issue slide, but for $127.99 I expect it to be perfect. I intended to exchange it for another one, but the Macy’s near my house had been stripped clean from the recent Christmas sales, so I simply returned it for a full refund.

Before driving back home I decided to stop by Marshall’s. I ventured into the housewares section, (my favorite section of the store), and found the same exact Calphalon pan for only $49.99. I couldn’t believe it. I picked it up, checked the top, bottom and middle for dents and other damaged, but it looked perfectly fine to me. I even put the lid on top. It was a perfect fit. Oddly enough it was the only Calphalon pan in the store, but it was the 3-Quart nonstick saute pan that I wanted.

Luck hasn’t been on my side lately, so I was pleasantly surprised by my finding. Best of all, I was able to use a Marshall’s gift card to buy the pan, so I purchased it without spending any money out of my own pocket. For just a moment I thought karma might be on my side again. Just for a moment.

6 thoughts on “Is Karma on My Side Again?”

  1. Congrats on the great deal! I’ve found things like that before but I returned the more expensive one AFTER I bought the cheaper one. Yours was definitely karma!

  2. Woo hoo! Doesn’t that make you feel like someone/thing is watching out for you, even just for a moment? i love when things like that happen!!

  3. I had that happen to me last week! I found a beautiful Farberware stock pot at the antique store for $10. I called several people and no one was interested. I finally left it as my kitchen does not have unlimited space.

    The very next night – 30 HOURS LATER – I discovered that one of my pots was seriously warped. It wasn’t like that a few days earlier. One of them is 33 years old and the other 25, so I got my use from whichever one warped.

    I went back and bought that gorgeous pot for myself and have already used it several times. Little did I know that I would be the one needing it.

  4. awesome : ) I agree – good pots and pans make SUCH a difference! So do knives… I must be getting older to say that, but so so true! x


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