It’s Tough To Coupon With a Newborn

Since my beautiful little boy arrived I’ve nearly abandoned bargain shopping. Of course, I’d rather stay at home listening to him snore and coo then drag him around town in search of saving a few dollars on toothbrushes and shampoo.

Luckily I stocked up on a bunch of toiletries and personal products a few weeks before his birth. In fact, I purposely used my last CVS Extra Care Bucks and Rite Aid UPs a week or so before he arrived so I wouldn’t have to worry about my coupons expiring.

I haven’t taken advantage of a bargain in the three weeks since he was born. In fact, since his arrival I’ve found myself shelling out full price for items on more than one occasion. When he developed a slight diaper rash I rushed out to the store to buy A&D ointment and when he started struggling with stomach troubles I headed to the drug store in search of anti-gas medication.

Not only did I buy both items at full price, but I actually bought extra tubes and bottles of both products so we wouldn’t find ourselves running out of either item. I have to admit that it felt rather strange to find myself shelling out $40 for four items that weren’t on sale and for which I didn’t have coupons. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to pull out my credit card to help my little one feel better.

I’m still clipping and sorting coupons that arrive in the newspaper each Sunday, but I’m not sure when I’ll return to hunting for bargains. It’s a lot more difficult to make a run to the store with a little one in tow and now that he’s arrived I don’t want to waste too much time hunting for the best deals.

I assume I’ll find some happy, middle ground once the baby gets a little bigger. I’ve always been a bargain hunter so I can’t imagine I’ll stay away from the deals for too long.

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  1. Been there, done that! An idea on the gas drops medicine — I bought the name brand at our grocery store several times before the pharmacist clued me in that they sold their own generic version behind the counter. You might inquire at your own pharmacy if you find you need gas drops often.


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