Peapod Bailed Me Out

It’s been nearly three weeks since our beautiful baby boy was born and I have only driven to the store twice since his arrival. It’s simply too much effort at this point to leave the house with him. My sleep schedule is never consistent. In fact, at most I get two hours of sleep at a time, so I’m pretty exhausted a lot of the time. I try to nap when he naps, but a lot of the times I find myself laying down but not actually falling asleep, which means I’m just that much more tired the next day.

I take the baby outside at least once a day. Since I’m still not feeling well enough to walk around the neighborhood I typically sit on the back patio with him. It feels good to get a little sunlight and fresh air, without the hassle of packing him in the car. I’m not the best at getting him in and out of the back seat or remembering to pack his diaper bag prior to leaving the house. Luckily, we haven’t gone far and we haven’t needed to change him while we were out, (other than the doctor’s office), yet.

A few days after he was born my husband and I took him to Babies-R-Us to look for newborn outfits and I took him to Rite Aid to exchange a few packs of Huggies for Pampers. Other than that we’ve stayed in and around the house.

Yesterday I considered going to the grocery store, but I didn’t want to drag the baby through the isles. The pediatrician recommended that we limit his contact with strangers since his immune system isn’t strong and it’s the beginning of cold and flu season.

While our stock pile will continue to cover us for months, our fresh fruit and vegetables were really dwindling. I finally decided the value of fresh fruit outweighed the hassle of driving to the grocery store and convinced myself to head out in the afternoon after lunch.

Well after lunch I took a brief nap and when I woke up I found a Peapod coupon delivered by the mailman. The coupon provided $20 off my first order. It also provides 60 days of free delivery for every order after the first. Since the prices are comparable to those in the physical grocery store it is actually cheaper for Peapod to deliver the first order to me than it is for me to drive and shop myself.

With this little coupon I can avoid the grocery store for another sixty days. I don’t know if we’ll actually stay away for that long, but with free delivery I certainly won’t feel guilty about using Peapod’s services!

2 thoughts on “Peapod Bailed Me Out”

  1. It's nice that you have a patio to get some air. Take care of yourself and rest when the baby rests. The tiredness will pass – You won't feel this tired for the rest of your life. Savor these moments.

  2. 3 cheers for Peapod!! Rest, rest and more rest!!! Keep checking Groupon for housecleaning deals. Let your husband do has much as he is willing. Parents, inlaws, whatever it takes to get some good sleep. Nursing is tough. I didn't have the milk glands to produce all the babies needed so I had to supplement with a bottle. My children never got nipple confusion. I still nurse my 15 month. It is for love and comfort and it does keep the ear infections away. My oldest has never had one and he self weaned at 2 1/2.


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