Let the Returns Begin

As usual my husband and I received a number of gifts for Christmas this year that need to be returned or exchanged. I absolutely despise the return process, it seems things never go smoothly. My husband who is the sweetest man on earth has a horrible habit of losing receipts. Two gifts had to be shipped back, rather than returned to brick and mortar stores, because he couldn’t locate the associated gift slips. Luckily the store accepts returns via mail as long as you can provide a copy of the confirmation email.

Two gifts had to be returned to Macy’s for store credit. One item didn’t fit and the other was chipped. We had to accept the current sale price, but we were happy to be rid of the items. I am always shopping at Macy’s so I know we’ll use this store credit.

We also returned a video game to Best Buy that I purchased on the Internet through a combination of payments including a gift card and credit card. When I returned the item to the store the cashier credited the original gift card. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until after I returned home. I no longer have the gift card. I threw it out when the video game first arrived in the mail.

So I called Best Buy to have a new gift card mailed to me. Of course, after waiting on hold for twenty minutes I was told that a new gift card couldn’t be issued unless I could provide the entire gift card number. I didn’t know the number because I no longer owned the card. I searched for the card number in the confirmation email from Best Buy but it only displayed the last four digits. So in essence, I was screwed.

But as I was talking to the customer service representative from Best Buy I began to wonder whether or not my computer might have cached the gift card number. Sure enough when I logged onto Best Buy’s website and went to the ‘Check Gift Card Balance’ page I found the original gift card number. With that I should be able to get Best Buy to deactivate the old card and activate a new one.

Three stores down and three more to go. The rest of the returns will occur next week as I make rounds to Target, Kohl’s, and Brookstone.

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