Lots of Goodies in the Mail

I finally sorted through the mound of mail that stacked up while we were away on vacation. I must say that the mailman was particularly good to us. We received $283 in checks, including $40 in rebates from a variety of sources and a reimbursement check for $243 from Aetna.

We also received two gift cards, one for $5 to Subway Restaurants and one for $25 to Macy’s. Among the pile I also found a couple of coupons for free items from VocalPoint and a bunch of free samples for cereal and other oddities.

I’m happy to report that I did not find any catalogs in the mail. Last fall while we were away on vacation we received more than 15 catalogs in a two week period.

Unfortunately, I also found a whopping electric bill for over $400. My husband installed a programmable thermostat midway through the summer, but we’ve still been turning the air conditioning down quite low before bedtime. Next summer we’ll definitely need to run the air conditioner much less at night!

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