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Two Simple Questions…

Do you vacation with your in-laws and if so how does that work out for you?


Tuesday 8th of September 2009

I have vacationed w/ the in-laws several times and have found it works very well. vacationing w/ my family is a diff story however - my family and my husband and i have very different ideas of what a vacation should be.


Tuesday 8th of September 2009

I have vacationed with my in-laws once and will never do so again. My vacation style is simply too different--they prefer to GO all the time and I need moments of relaxation built in--that's what a vacation is to me! They also spend a lot more than we like to, so planning meals was hard.


Monday 7th of September 2009

I love my in-laws dearly. And have vacationed with them. Won't be happening again. Ditto with going with my parents.

Their idea of what constitutes a relaxing vacation and ours definitely do not mesh... ;)


Monday 7th of September 2009

I do not. My mother in law passed several years ago and my father in law is 85. My husband, however, vacations with his inlaws all the time. Camping style vacation mostly. The other sons' in law do too, as well as my nieces and nephews girlfriends/boyfriends. It works pretty well on our end. I'd rather clean toilets than go with my husband's sister and her husband LOL (so would my husband)