Making the Most of Netflix

Every night we seem to head to bed later and later and this week was no exception. On Friday and Saturday I watched movies directly from my laptop through Netflix. I didn’t start watching the films until well after 11 and before I knew it 1 am passed and I still wasn’t in bed.

The online Netflix service has been available for quite some time, but in the initial phases it wasn’t accessible for Mac users. I planned to try it out a long time ago, but of course I only got around to it this past weekend. For the most part the service is quite smooth.

There aren’t a ton of movies available through the online portal, but there are quite a few to choose from. If you’re in between DVDs and in need of a movie fix, it’s a decent option. You simply chose the movie you want to watch, click the play button, set the resolution to full screen, sit back and enjoy.

For the most part I didn’t experience any difficulties in watching either movie. Every once in awhile it seemed like the film skipped a frame or two, but I’m not sure that most people would have noticed and it certainly didn’t distract me from viewing the film.

I still prefer to watch movies on TV, (it’s just easier and more comfortable for me to watch that way), but I will definitely utilize this option again. I just hope to start watching earlier than 11 o’clock the next time around.

6 thoughts on “Making the Most of Netflix”

  1. Another thing people might want to check into is Netflix has actually started shipping DVD's on Saturdays. I don't know if its all the centers now, but the one closest to me does. I used to hold off sending them back if I knew that they weren't going to process them anyway. Gives us subscribers an extra day and a nice treat in the mail come Monday.

  2. We wanted to watch a movie directly from Netflix yesterday but I wasn't thrilled about watching it on our laptop. My boyfriend hooked the laptop to our tv with a VGA cable so we could watch it without squinting. I was afraid it would look weird and stretched out because our tv is so big but the quality was not that bad really. At first we were still listening through the laptop speakers but then hooked it up to our sound system so we could control the volume better. This way you can still get movies without waiting and comfortably relax on your couch like you normally would šŸ™‚

  3. I LOVE the Netflix watch instantly feature!! I use it a lot more than I use the DVD feature, in fact.

    I also use many other online sites for watching things. Some are mor elegal than others but, it turns out, that I'm legal most of the time so I have no guilt about it.

    I take my laptop down to the exercise bike and I use it in the kitchen if I'm doing tedious cooking or wtachign cooking shows.

  4. The Netflix direct video thing is great for my nephew. He can watch all the kids videos he wants, and my sister doesn't have to buy them all and have them cluttering up the house.

  5. anon — I love Saturday shipping. We receive a DVD almost every Monday.

    anon — I never thought of hooking my laptop to the TV. That's a great idea!

    5dollarsaday — What other websites do you use to watch movies?

    hb — thanks.

    Betsy Bargain — I love the fact that we no longer buy DVDs. We took all of the old ones to our beach house for renters to enjoy. It's great to keep out the clutter!

  6. I use the netflix instant watch a lot, but I also have a 'media center' (read: one of our old computers) hooked up to our tv/sound system. We have a wireless mouse and keyboard as well as having everything set up to remotely connect and control everything from our laptops and my iPod. I love it to catch up on old movies I never saw and my fiance loves watching the really bad zombie flicks. We also use the computer to watch things through hulu and some of the network sites. After we hooked the computer up we realized the cable was wasted money and cancelled. šŸ™‚


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