My Last Inexpensive Pedicure for Awhile

I love, love, love, love, love to paint my nails. It’s something I do whenever I’m upset, in a bad mood or need to relax. I probably started painting my nails when I was in middle or high school, but it took on new meaning when I got sick a few years ago.

Shortly after my surgery I quickly got bored of lying around but realized there wasn’t a whole lot I could do from bed. One day, as a simple diversion, I decided to paint my nails. It was something I could do from bed and since I spent a lot of time laying down this simple act provided me with the added benefit of looking down at brightly colored toes. Painting my nails made me feel pretty in a time when I could barely muster up the energy to get clean or shower.

My husband began to realize how the act of painting my nails changed my mood. After awhile he would actually suggest I paint my nails if I was in a particularly glum mood.

Since I became pregnant I’ve been very careful about the types of products I put in and on my body. When a friend suggested I avoid typical nail polish I searched for vegan alternatives. I even asked for a bottle or two for my birthday, since they tend to be much more expensive than the cheap, chemical filled alternatives I used to buy at the drugstore.

I decided to paint my toenails a beautiful hot pink color this evening and quickly realized this might be my last inexpensive pedicure for awhile. It seems my eight month pregnant belly doesn’t make it so easy to bend over to paint my nails.

I tried a bunch of different positions and believe I can finish the job, but truth be told it won’t be easy. If I want another pedicure I might just have to pay a professional to do the work for me. Of course, the cheapest solution is simply to forgo a pedicure all together, but since I find myself elevating my legs in the later stages of pregnancy I sure would like to look down at brightly painted toes.

4 thoughts on “My Last Inexpensive Pedicure for Awhile”

  1. Let me–well, your blog–know if you find a healthier alternative that you like! I have a few bottles of traditional drugstore nail polish, and I need to make a switch toward a better one.

  2. @Pam – Great idea, but I might end up w/ painted skin along w/ painted nails. The foot rub is definitely do-able though!

    @ListfulWistful – I bought a product called Zoya. They claim it's a vegan product without the harsh chemicals found in standard polishes.

  3. I also think it could be cute if your husband paints!

    Or invite over a girlfriend to come paint your toes…maybe you could paint her toes, too!


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