My New Hair Cut: Bringing Out the Curls

Two Sundays ago I woke up with the desperate need to get my hair cut. I’m not exactly sure why I do this to myself, but for some reason I tend to wait until my hair is at it’s absolute worst then rush all around town in search of a shop that can squeeze me in with little to no notice. After a couple of weeks at the beach, and a couple of months since my last haircut, my hair was in disarray.

I Googled for shops in my area and found only one open on Sunday. Within two minutes of searching online I was armed with the address and well on my way. I know women who have gone to the same hair dresser for years and years. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the same hair dresser more than three times in a row.

This time I hopped in the chair and asked the hair dresser, who I’d never met before, to cut off a few inches. With two inches gone I decided to ask him to cut off two more. He added a few short layers and I walked out of the shop fifteen minutes later with a completely new style. The shorter length really brought out my curls, (which I absolutely adore), but with them came a whole bunch of unruly and unwanted frizz.

I‘m not a fan of spending money on hair care products. To be honest I rarely find products that work on my hair, so I tend to use the products that I buy for free or close to free after sales and coupons. I have a bunch of hair products in the cabinet that I’ve been meaning to try and my new haircut provided me with the perfect opportunity. First up on the list, Curl Gel-les’c (Curl Jealousy), by Curls. The line was originally created to cater to the unique needs of biracial and multiracial women, but is now expanded to provide products for women of all races.

So far I’m really happy with this product. For the first time
my curls feel soft, bouncy and in control. I’m only sorry that I don’t own a bigger bottle. The product comes in an 8 oz size but I only have a small travel size. I’ve also been using the Quenched Curls Moisturizer, which really seems to help hydrate my hair.

I love my curls, but I’ve struggled with them for years and years, if any of you curly haired girls have suggestions on products you typically use please leave me a comment. In the mean time I’ll use what I have on hand until the bottles run dry.

3 thoughts on “My New Hair Cut: Bringing Out the Curls”

  1. I can't help much with products…I'm pretty much like you. i either buy something at the drugstore or on the clearance rack at Ulta and use that. If you ever need a hairdresser on a sunday again you should go to JCPenney at Lakeforest Mall. I go to Laura there. I found her through a sorority sister of mine who is from this area. She has cut the sorority sister's hair since she was well as her mother and grandmother's hair. She only works like 3 days a week to keep benefits etc. She's amazing at cutting curly hair though. I know Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village might be out of your way, but she's worth it. šŸ™‚ Let me know if you find any miracle products…especially if they are on the cheaper side šŸ™‚

  2. It's really not about the product it's about the diffuser. I can use cheap gel as long as I dry it properly. But then again, no curl is created equal. Citre shine hair serum tames my frizzies on humid days.

  3. I'm a big fan of Curl Friends products. Especially the Replenish Leave-in conditioner. My suggestion would be to comb a bit through damp hair and then gently scrunch and let it air dry.


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