Nesting: The Second Time Around

I love second trimester nesting! I’m currently twenty-one weeks pregnant and suddenly feel a compulsive need to clean the house, remove all the clutter and organize everything. I started in the kitchen, moved to the dining room, tried my best to wrangle the chaos that is our living room and then moved upstairs.

I don’t feel as anxious about getting everything ready this time around. Before my son was born I wanted every little detail to be complete. I asked my husband to paint the nursery, I assembled the crib and dresser and applied jungle themed decals to the walls. Long before he arrived everything was washed, dried, folded and hanged. This time around I’m taking a much more relaxed attitude to preparing, especially as it pertains to the nursery.

The truth is my son didn’t sleep in his room for a full six months. Since he was exclusively breastfed I kept him in the same room with me. I didn’t see the value in keeping him in separate quarters when I could just walk three steps to lift and feed him. For the first month or so he slept in a co-sleeper, but after that his little body grew too long to fit comfortably in there. We disassembled the crib and reassembled in our room. It was a tight fit, but we managed to make it work. I couldn’t access my dresser for four months, so I moved everything I needed to a small nightstand.

My post-pregnancy wardrobe included a bunch of pull-down nursing tops. They are the kind that pull down in the front so you don’t have to lift your shirt to nurse. I added a couple pairs of pants, bras and underwear and had plenty of room to spare in those drawers. This time around I’m considering adding some of the baby clothes and blankets to that same dresser. That way everything we need will be in one general area. I might even toss the changing pad on to the top of my dresser so I don’t have to leave the room to change the baby.

I moved all of my pre-pregnancy clothes to the basement for the time being. I did this for two reasons. First, I don’t want to move them out of the way every time I reach for something to wear. Second, I figure it will give me the opportunity to further purge my wardrobe after the baby is born. Things that fit will come back upstairs; everything else will be gathered for donation. Pregnancy has forced me to revisit my wardrobe on more than one occasion. Whether I like it or not various parts of my body changed while I was pregnant and even after I delivered. I got rid of anything that didn’t fit well and decided not to hold on to things that might fit again one day.

My son is still sleeping in his crib, (converted to a toddler bed), and I’m not certain when he’ll give up the comfort of that cozy spot for a larger bed. I don’t need to rush him out of there for quite some time. We still have 19 weeks, (technically I think it’ll be closer to 17 or 18), until the baby arrives and then another two months of the new one using the co-sleeper.

We still own most of the baby equipment my son used, so we just need to find, assemble and figure out where on earth we are going to put it. With only one child in the house we seemed to have plenty of room for that giant baby swing, rock-and-play and bouncer. This time around my son’s toys can fill the entire living room floor, so I’m not quite sure how we’ll squeeze everything in.

Since I haven’t touched the nursery yet, the majority of my nesting seems to revolve around all the other stuff contained within the walls of our home. I’m taking a closer look at the items we actually use on a daily basis. When I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets I removed anything we don’t use regularly. In the past I would have moved it to some other location, but this time I dropped it off for donation. I was more hesitant than I would have preferred. I kept thinking “we might need that one day” and then decided we would just buy again if and when that time came. I got rid of a few storage containers that cannot be stacked even though they were in perfectly good condition and a couple of vases and pitchers that have barely been used.

Unfortunately, I find myself moving things around much more than actually disposing of them. My days of bargain shopping for office supplies are long over, but I couldn’t bear to get rid of all the printer paper in our home. A two foot stack has been moved to the hall closet where it waits to be turned into drawing paper and printable coupons. The same goes for a mound of thank-you notes, ribbons and wrapping supplies.

My hope is to corral all of these miscellaneous items into one place for the time being, then make a second pass through a few days or weeks from now. Everything other than clothing is getting stored away in labeled bins and drawers in one small room. I’d like to reduce the pile by half. I’ve also decided that anything that cannot fit into this space will be purged.

I feel like I have a long way to go to get everything sorted and organized, but I love that I have the energy and desire to make things better. The first step is to clean out the house, the last step will be to work on the nursery.

10 thoughts on “Nesting: The Second Time Around”

  1. Second trimester makes you feel like a super hero, doesn’t it? So much energy!

    My “nesting” for our daughter was basically just painting our kitchen cupboards. The day she was born, I had my husband running around cleaning the bathrooms before the midwife got there. He was a great birth partner!

    • That’s hilarious! My husband was a great helper after my son was born. He did laundry and dishes for weeks if not months!

    • Thanks! It ended up taking us a full year to get pregnant. I was nervous at first, but feeling better about things as the weeks wear on.

  2. I didn’t get my burst of energy until now, in the middle of my third trimester, when it’s harder to move around and do stuff. I have also been big on purging, getting rid of stuff I’ve been carrying around forever “just in case” or with hopes of someday doing something with it. It feels good! My house is cleaner than it was when we bought it, my freezers are filling up with meals, and my to-do list is getting winnowed down to practically nothing.

    Until I read this anyway – you gave me some good ideas! I love the idea of moving the pre-pregnancy clothes out of the room entirely. I am not using anything in my closet or three of my six drawers anyway; why not actually MOVE the stuff that’s in there and replace it with baby clothes that are currently in boxes stacked up by the bed? Then I might have room to set up a changing area in my bedroom as well. And then I’ll actually have to go through all my clothes when I bring them back into my closet, instead of defaulting to the few things that fit and ignoring the stuff that I don’t wear.

    I think this weekend is when we’ll actually set up the baby area in our room, since I’m just about at the point that if he were born, he’d be coming home with me even though it’d be early.

    • I’m glad to hear you are feeling well and energetic now. When I was pregnant with my son I actually had quite a lot of energy after the first six to eight weeks. This time around it’s been very different. I am tired a lot, but I think being sick hasn’t helped that. Since my son started preschool there has been a perpetual sickness looming in our house šŸ™ I do remember a big burst of energy in my third trimester. I was moving heavy furniture and doing all sorts of crazy things with a huge belly looming in front of me.

      I’m glad to hear my post was helpful. Last time I seemed to spend a lot of time moving things around and placing them in inconvenient locations. This time I’ve decided to move anything I will not need to some other place. I hope it will make life easier and also make it easier to perform a second purge a few months after the baby is born.

      I’m so happy that things are going well with you this pregnancy!

  3. I’m also at 21 weeks! (1st time, though) and I’m totally getting this nesting urge and my hubby just isn’t understanding why I went from being ok with not buying anything for baby to now starting to want to buy everything. I actually had more energy in my first trimester (helps to have no morning sickness, I guess) and now I’m feeling like everything takes more effort, including climbing stairs and we have a 2 level house. I also moved my regular clothes out to make it easier to find things that fit when rushing out of the house in the morning šŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear everything is going well with you šŸ™‚

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy. Luckily my husband loves when I clean and organize so he’s happy to find me cleaning up the house. As a second time mom let me give you a little advice: try not to buy too much. Odds are you won’t need it or someone else will buy it for you long before the baby is born or shortly after. I had an incredible shower and I got most of the things I needed. I did buy a few little baby onesies and sleepers and furniture for the nursery, but that was just about all I needed.

      • Thanks šŸ™‚ My due date is March 30th.

        Oh yes, we’re not buying that much. I’ve had the urge but in the end I do realize that we’re going to get a lot from family/friends and that the stores can’t be trusted with their “must haves”. Logic is still winning for the time being but I will admit that I’ve been lured a few times even if I didn’t pull the trigger šŸ˜‰


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