Netflix has Lowered It’s Fees

My wonderful coworkers bought me a three month subscription to Netflix shortly after me surgery last November. It was the perfect gift, since I was lonely, stuck in the house, and too immobile to do much of anything, but read books and watch TV.

I enjoyed Netflix so much that I continued the subscription after my gift expired. I downsized the subscription to the 1 at-a-time (2 a month) plan which currently costs $5.99. Of course, they add applicable tax for a total of $6.29 a month. But, it guarantees I’ll see the movies I want without having to venture out to the store or stand in the checkout line. Yesterday I received notification that my fee will be lowered by $1.00 to $4.99 a month beginning on March 15th.

Just for kicks I viewed my rental history online tonight. I’ve watched 46 movies since February 21st of last year. If your still traipsing to Blockbuster on Friday nights, definitely check out Netflix. I promise, you’ll never pick up a DVD from a rental store again.

2 thoughts on “Netflix has Lowered It’s Fees”

  1. I have to say, my husband and I are enjoying our Online Blockbuster subscription. It’s not frugal, but we love films and are independent filmmakers in our free time, so for us, it’s well worth it. We can rent as many as we like each month and have two at a time for $20.

    We can have them delivered by mail or pickup/dropoff at the store.

  2. I’m also a blockbuster fan- it’s the same deal as Netflix, except now you can return the online flicks to their store, and get movies from their store free of cost as well. For ex if I have returned 3 online films, I can check out 3 from the store, in addition to what I get regularly from the online queue. Also they swipe your returns at the store, and Blockbuster online sends you new movies the following day (the turnover time was longer on Netflix).

    Try it! They even have a free trial.


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