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Not Exactly a Planned Purchase

I know that I am going to get comments about our latest purchase. This one is certainly not frugal or eco-friendly, but it sure is fun to drive.

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 12th of May 2009

JD wrote The Miser's Peril the day after I finished this post. His article is similar to the comments you all have posted. I typically focus on saving money, but it is important to find the balance in enjoying life.

sara l

Saturday 9th of May 2009

Have fun with it. You're a grown up and you get to make your own decisions.


Saturday 9th of May 2009

Well if it makes you feel any better I'm going motorcycle shopping today. That definitely could be considered a "wasteful" purchase. but hey, you do need to enjoy life!!


Saturday 9th of May 2009

sometimes that is what it is all about! super cute