Now What?


As my finances are primarily in order these days I find myself with less interest in writing about money. My inspiration and posts ebb and flow, some weeks I feel particularly inspired and other times I’m just tapped out on the subject.

I wish I would have named this blog something other than One Frugal Girl. I’ve been so focused on personal finances for the last seven years that it’s hard to evolve into other topics without feeling strange about switching gears.

I’ve written a few posts about other things, but I find myself hesitant to publish them as I still feel relatively confined to the topic of money.

I seem to read and re-read the same advice about money. I’m more interested in personal stories and find many blogs these days are focusing on advice that feels distant and abstract.

I suppose my disinterest is par for the course. Now that we’ve refinanced our mortgages, set calendar reminders to check our credit card statements and use bill pay there is simply less need to think about our finances. I’ve been home now for nearly two years and it seems things have stayed in order despite leaving the world of steady paychecks.

In fact it seems hard to remember a time when I struggled with money. When I reach into my pockets I find random dollar bills and no longer feel the need to rearrange my cash by value.

This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered what path to walk next. Perhaps it’s not just a question of money. Maybe this is a bigger question of what to do next. I’m not exactly sure, but it’s certainly something worth pondering.

6 thoughts on “Now What?”

  1. Right there with ya! I don’t have a house or even a good paying gig, but I think I’ve mastered budgeting and how to live comfortably while still saving. I still do monthly budget posts to keep track of my finances, but other than that, I just use my blog as my journal nowadays. It is still anonymous, but serves well as a record of life happenings. I doubt people want to read it, but if they do, it’s still there. Somehow, disconnecting completely from the blogosphere after so long feels like a terrible break up. I haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet.

    For me, I may be moving into a much lower paying job (back to being a student!), so there may be financial challenges yet!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think I’ll just have to take the jump and start writing about other things. I would like my blog to serve as more of an overall journal for me too.

  2. I’ve renamed my blog numerous times (though mine has always been a potpourri, so the purpose is relief of boredom, more than anything else). As long as you keep the same URL, your readers will know — you can also insert “formerly One Frugal Girl” as a subtitle, until everyone gets used to the new name.

    J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly underwent so many personal life changes that he, too, felt compelled to branch out, so he started a new blog called More Than Money. However, he’s back at GRS after a hiatus, finding that believe it or not, he can still find fresh personal-finance topics to discuss.

    You’re not working for a national newspaper so you have lots of freedom to explore any new paths you like. Just use tags so interested readers can find you.

    • Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of adding a subtitle if I choose to rename it. I also noticed J.D.’s return to GRS. I stopped reading his original blog but kept the RSS feed. After months of ignoring it I came across his return title and picked up right where I left off. (I’m not a fan of the paid writers.) I also subscribed to his new blog and I love that he writes about topics other than money.

      I need to muster up the courage to write about other things. All I need to do is push publish, how hard can that be?

  3. i admit i am frugal about a lot of things, and agree that a lot of the info out there is kinda the same thing over and over. my biggest tip came from my great granny sugar, who always said never to buy it unless you can reuse it or wear it more than 3 ways. i’ve really tried sticking to her advice!

    • I love the three ways idea, but I’m afraid to say I have a lot of things that can’t be worn or reused that many times.


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