Where Do I Go From Here…

I have been thinking a lot about this blog. I’m considering keeping the name One Frugal Girl but possibly writing less about money. JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly recently ditched his blog and started a new one focused on things other than money. I actually started One Frugal Girl one month before JD, (back in March of 2006), but somehow he sold his for millions and I’ve earned just a few thousand in that same time. Bummer, eh?

To be honest I stopped reading Get Rich Slowly when JD stepped out of the picture and hired staff writers to take over his job. I still poke through the reader stories from time to time, but otherwise I’ve almost entirely ditched that RSS feed. I like the personal stories a blog provides and when JD stopped writing for the blog I lost interest in it.

I searched through my RSS reader this morning and deleted a bunch of personal finance blogs that aren’t too personal in nature. In fact, I deleted nearly half of the blogs in my reader! These days I read a lot less about personal finance and a lot more about all sorts of other topics including spirituality, cooking, party planning (even though I never throw parties) and parenting.

Some months I post almost every other day, but this past month I barely posted at all. Maybe I’m suffering from writer’s block. I start a post, write a couple of sentences and then lose interest in the topic or can’t seem to focus my thoughts in a meaningful way. I’m not sure if I’m struggling to write about money or just struggling to write overall.

Do you find periods in your life when you just can’t seem to write? Would you read this blog if I stopped focusing on the topic of money?

8 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here…”

  1. I would keep reading if your blog stopped being only about personal finance. And I agree about the fun of reading blogs being the personal stories. Personally I have enjoyed reading your transition from full time to job to being a mom, as that is a journey I am trying to decide on if it is right for me (having kids at all first, and then would I work or stay home). So I say keep writing, even if it isn’t as regular. I can imagine having the new little one takes up a lot of time that used to be spent on blogging!

  2. I just did this! Last month I changed 27 And Frugal to LeslieBeslie.com

    I found that as my life changed over the course of three years, my relationship with money changed as well. While it is still important in my life, I no longer need to be as focused on it as I once was.

    I found myself less passionate when writing about money-related topics and disappointed that I couldn’t share my non-money-related experiences with my readers (ie: running races)

    I decided that not everything in life is about saving money and my blog should reflect that. I made a full transition, changing the name (I wanted to rid myself of the ‘frugal’ relationship) and layout.

    I now feel that this blog really reflects me as a person and I have been enjoying writing new content. I might have lost some of the hard-core frugal readers but am sure I will gain more financially-casual folks and hopefully encourage them to set-up a budget!

  3. I would definitely read it you changed things up!

    Like Leslie, I rebranded recently (well, it was in July I think, so not so recent) so I could write about other topics. It has been a fantastic change for me – I still feel some obligation to write about finance every now and then, but overall it’s nice to think I can write whatever I want. My traffic/audience dropped a little, but I’d rather have fewer readers and be happy with my blog than have a lot of readers and hate what I’m writing about.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  4. Another one here that has shifted focus from money to life and goals! Don’t feel bad, I earned a total of 2 cents from my blog! Million dollar blogs are hard to come by. 🙂

    I now just write whatever my heart feels like it needs to write. I would follow you on whatever journey your heart wants to take.

  5. I would definitely still continue reading even if you veer a little away from personal finance. I’ve found that I appreciate blogs more that aren’t so narrowly focused on JUST finances, but other aspects of life as well.

  6. I would continue to read! I found your blog when I was looking to learn more about PF and budgeting, and I have found that I enjoy personal stories more than just finance stories. I have enjoyed the personal aspect of your blog and would like to continue reading the personal stories you choose to share.

  7. I agree with everyone else. Personal Finance is a hook that gets people interested, but then we want to feel like we know you (i.e. the rest of your life). I notice that Niki from Hello Paper Moon also used to have a PF blog called Debt Free by Thirty. So I think ex-PF blogs are a definite trend!

  8. Thanks for all of the comments. I’ve decided not to change domains just yet, but I will begin writing on topics other than personal finance. I’m sure there will be a lot of money posts too, but if the mood sways me I’ll write about anything my heart desires. Thank you for sticking with me for the ride.


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