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Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Are you ready for hurricane Sandy? I spent the day preparing as best as I could. Here are  just a few things I did to prepare for the storm.

  • I gathered up all of the flashlights and headlamps I could find in the house. I laid them out on the dining room table along with a hodgepodge of candles and a couple of random glow sticks that were hiding in the house. It’s great to leave glow sticks in rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s an easy way to navigate the house when the lights are out.
  • I moved all of the batteries to the table so they are available if we need them. Of course I checked all of the flashlights to make certain they are working.
  • I prepared a buffalo chicken dish and marinated some chicken. The buffalo chicken can be heated on the side burner of the grill and the marinated chicken can be grilled for dinner. Last time a storm arrived we grilled chicken, but because we couldn’t run the dishwasher or run hot water our house ended up smelling of raw chicken for days. I’m hopeful that these two dishes will prevent that problem from happening this time around.
  • I boiled a dozen eggs. Hard boiled eggs will last longer than fresh ones.
  • I baked brownies. What could be better than waiting out the storm with a batch of freshly baked treats?
  • I cleaned out the fridge. Then consolidated the remaining items onto one or two shelves. I did the same thing for the freezer. I also gathered all of the ice packs I could find and built a fortress around the food in the freezer.
  • I also placed a few bottles of water in the freezer. This will help things stay cold and will ensure we have clean water if we need it.
  • I washed and dried all of the produce in the refrigerator. This way everything is clean and ready to be eaten. This is helpful if we are banned from using water. It’s also nice to know I can grab items and eat them without trying to wash and dry them in the dark.
  • I brought the medical kit upstairs just in case we need it. Hopefully we won’t.
  • My husband raked the leaves in the yard and cleared out the drains in and around the house.
  • He also washed and dried all of the laundry.
  • Before we head to bed we’ll also run the dishwasher one last time.

We are as ready as we can be. How about you? Will you be impacted by the storm and if so did you do anything to prepare for it?

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Monday 5th of November 2012

HI there that is a good news, glad you guys are doing fine. Our prayers goes to all the victims of the hurricane.

One Frugal Girl

Sunday 4th of November 2012

Thanks for all of your thoughts and best wishes. It turns out we didn't need all that prep. We didn't even lose electricity during the storm, but I'm still happy that I was prepared. We've lived through a couple of storms and power outages in the last few years and each time I learn a little bit more about how to prepare.

Lauren @ New Fashioned Housewife

Friday 2nd of November 2012

I hope you were okay! Your prep work was very smart.

I ran across your blog because of your printable coupons. They are so helpful. Thanks for collating them.