One Thing I Will Not Do For Money

Every once in awhile my husband and I find ourselves with extra tickets to Maryland basketball games. As a season ticket holder I’ve probably missed fewer than six games in the last six seasons, but this season I missed three alone.

If, for some reason, I don’t plan to attend a game I typically ask my friends and family if they’d be interested in attending. I usually give away the tickets away or ask for face value depending on the game and whether or not I think I could sell them. Some of my friends, (they know who they are), always pay for the tickets I give them and I must admit that I appreciate the gesture.

If I can’t find any takers among my friends and family I typically turn to craigslist. While I know many season ticket holders that sell there seats to any Tom, Dick or Harry with a wad full of cash, I have a very specific rule: I will not sell my tickets to opposing fans.

Now I realize that someone could dupe me, they could tell me that they are Maryland fans and then show up in support of the opponents, but I typically ask for Maryland fans only and that is what I get.

I am an enormous basketball fan. I love the university and my team and I can’t bear the thought of giving away the home team advantage just for a little extra cash. If I needed the money I’d certainly view the situation differently and if I weren’t such a die hard fan I probably wouldn’t care so much.

So when someone asked me tonight if I’d ever be willing to sell tickets to an opposing fan, I said it’s one thing I definitely do not want to do. Of course I can’t swear that I would never sell a ticket to an opposing fan, but I can say with certainty that I’d prefer to sell the tickets to someone who supports my team. In fact I’d be willing to sell the ticket for less just to know that someone in red and white is sitting in my seat.

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