Inexpensive Ways to Brighten the Day

There are so many inexpensive ways to brighten an otherwise dull day. When I feel down or stressed I pull out my old yoga mat, lay flat on the floor and just breathe. It’s a great way to relieve all the tension in my body and best of all it doesn’t cost me a penny.

There are so many ways to brighten the day without spending a significant amount of money. On most nights when I come home late from work I give my husband a huge hug, pull up a comfy chair and make myself a hot cup of tea. After a long day, nothing is more relaxing.

Tonight a tiny bottle of dark-red nail polish is calling my name. The television is on, the Duke/North Carolina game is minutes away and a pedicure is in my near future. At home pedicures are definitely on my top-ten list of inexpensive ways to brighten the day.

How about you? What inexpensive ways do you use to brighten your day?

5 thoughts on “Inexpensive Ways to Brighten the Day”

  1. Anything is better with ice cream for me oh and cuddling with my dachshund but then he does that all the time so it is not a special moment any longer…it is the norm.

  2. A mug of good tea, a few minutes watching the cats go nutty for the laser pointer, and a walk with my husband are all great day brighteners.

    Beyond that… I'm trying to get into the habit of bringing in SOMETHING from the outdoors each week for the little vases I have. Sometimes in the fall, its a few bright leaves, summertime sees flowers from the yard, winter – a branch of firebush… and at THIS gray time of not yet spring but almost not winter? I'll drop the $3 for some tulips or a few daisy's when I'm at the farmers market. Keeps a soul sane.

  3. @me in millions – Oh chocolate! Do you splurge on the good stuff like Godiva or just snack on the cheap ones like M&Ms?

    @frugal canner – Ice cream is one of my all time favorites! I'd substitute the dog for a cat but otherwise I'm with you on the cuddling.

    @francesca – what types of books do you read?

    @jenna – I love the idea of spending a few dollars on flowers. I used to do this quite often when I passed by a grocery store on my way home. It's amazing how much joy a daisy can bring!


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