Spending Money: A List of Unplanned Purchases

Saving definitely runs in my blood. I rarely purchase something just because I want it. I usually contemplate the purchase for much longer than is probably normal and more often than not I leave stores empty handed. In an average month I typically purchase only one or two unplanned items and those items are usually relatively inexpensive.

So this month I was surprised by just how many unexpected expenses popped up on my credit card bill. Here are just a few of the random items I purchased:

  • 1 pair of super cute rain boots (My old one’s melted.)
  • 1 pair of sneakers (I couldn’t get the mildew smell out of my old ones.)
  • 1 pair of hiking boots (I’m not sure if I’ll keep these.)
  • 1 gold UMD basketball t-shirt (Go TERPS!)
  • $145 worth of cleaning services for $59 (The best money I’ve ever spent!)
  • 1/2 price restaurant gift certificate through Groupon (Hubby and I will go out on a date.)
  • 1 vegetarian roll from Harris Teeter (There aren’t a whole lot of options for sushi in NC :-))
  • 1 protective iPhone cover (I kept dropping and scratching my phone.)
  • 1 compost pot (To help feed my box garden.)
  • 2 organic starter seed sets

I don’t regret any of these purchases. I’m unbelievably happy that I splurged on cleaning services, definitely needed a new t-shirt to cheer on the Terps and already started this year’s garden indoors. Plus every girl needs sushi every once in awhile along with a new pair of shoes.

5 thoughts on “Spending Money: A List of Unplanned Purchases”

  1. None of those things sound outrageous. Sometimes you just need stuff and spending money is inevitable. Rainboots were one of my best purchases, possibly ever!

  2. Everything sounds like sound purchases to me! I would love to see your super cute rainboots though! I think you should snap a pic for us! šŸ™‚

  3. I had a bunch of unexpected outflows this month too! I don't know if I'm just getting restless after not spending anything for two months and now that I'm so close to being debt free maybe all my discipline wheels are falling off.

  4. @me in millions – the rainboots are my favorite purchase!

    @halfdozendaily – I'm afraid to take a picture of the boots, they are so unique I'm afraid they'd out me šŸ™‚

    @AP – a few unexpected expenses are nothing to be afraid of, how much debt did you have and how close are you to getting rid of it?

  5. Reasoning out why you had those 'unexpected' purchases only means that you're bound to do it again. If you really want to hold your reputation as a saver, you better be more careful with that plastic card next time, girl!


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