Paypal is Ticking Me Off

PayPal has a number of policies that really tick me off. For starters, they will not allow two PayPal accounts to utilize the same credit card. My husband and I have our own PayPal accounts but only one credit card. Originally my husband’s account was associated to the credit card, but when I won some online auctions I disassociated the card from his account and attached it to my own. Of course, life wasn’t so simple in the PayPal universe. In order to make the required transactions I also needed to have my account verified by associating it with a bank account. This required a two day wait while PayPal proceeded to deposit a couple of pennies into my bank account. This ticked off my husband who accounts for every penny in our bank account, and didn’t appreciate having to journal two unnecessary transactions.

So that’s not the worst of it. A few months ago my husband sold something on eBay, and the buyer paid us via PayPal. So my husband now has $50+ sitting in his PayPal account. But here’s the rub: I cannot get the money out of the account because the account is not associated with a credit card or bank account. In order to associate his account I would have to disassociate my account, and resurrect this back and forth behavior all over again.

The whole system is ridiculous. If there is money in his account, why do I need to associate the account with a credit card? I’m not asking for additional money, just the amount that’s sitting in his account. In the hopes of finding a solution that doesn’t involve disassociating credit cards and bank accounts I called PayPal. Oh, that was an awful mistake. After waiting on hold for what seemed like forever, I was informed by a PayPal representative that the system is intended to prevent fraud. In essence, she mumbled some garbage about trying to protect the end consumer, and that I should be thankful that the PayPal system tries so hard to protect it’s customers. So now I either have to go through all the trouble of reconfiguring our accounts or pay $1.50 to get the funds in the form of a check. I hate the idea of paying $1.50 just to get my own money.

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  1. Do you have a debit card? I know they sometimes can act as credit cards. Can you link it to your husbands’ account? I don’t have paypal, forgive me if you’ve explored that route.

  2. The $$$ should be a credit in his PayPal balance, no? So using the send money feature he should be able to send the money to your account and you can then withdraw it into your bank account. Person to Person money transfers like this are free within the PayPal system.

  3. I hear ya, and agree with the whole problem on limited conections to a card or bank account

    what i did was called up my telephone banking people and opened up a new account, bit of a pain having to have another account, but it saves me from having to switch info back and forth. So i now have 2 chequing accounts and a savings account each one hooked to a different paypal account

  4. Anonymous, you’re exactly right. Money to money transfers are free, but paypal won’t allow me to transfer the money from my husband’s account to my own, because his account is no longer ‘verified’. You are exactly right though, the money is a credit, and thus we should be able to transfer it without a problem, which is why I’m so ticked off that PayPal won’t allow the transaction.

  5. Yikes! Two bank accounts? There has just got to be a better way around this problem. Although, it seems the PayPal peeps don’t have any intentions on changing their rules.

  6. PayPal does offer their own debit card that is linked directly to your PayPal account. You get 1% cashback on purchases.

    I use it and think its pretty nifty, do a google search for paypal debit card cashback and you should find it.


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