What is your favorite Personal Finance Blog?

Every day it seems I have less and less time to stroll through personal finance blogs. But every day it seems there are more and more personal finance blogs to stroll through. I have a few blogs I try to read every other day or at least a few times a week. I’ve read some of the most popular blog lists, top 20, top 50, top 100, but most of them list the same blogs over and over again. I’m looking for less known blogs with a personal flavor. If you have a favorite blog you just love to read please tell me about it.

4 thoughts on “What is your favorite Personal Finance Blog?”

  1. Personal finance blogs are like quarters, the more you collect, the richer you are! It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite but I do enjoy One Frugal Girl šŸ™‚

  2. As a Getting Things Doner myself, I can really relate to the way its structured as models, processes, concrete next actions, etc.

    I read blogs for three reasons, which are that the blog is entertaining, informational and/or motivating. A lot of times just keeping in touch with people who share the same goals as you can motivate you to keep on them. Imagine trying to be a spendthrift if your whole social circle (including your SO) loved to spend.

    While I’ve received a few tips here and there, a few them don’t apply to me (I’m in Canada–there’s no RiteAid here), so I read this site mostly for just keeping in touch with someone who shares the same goals as I do.

  3. I like Frugal Babe blog. I just found you blog and am enjoying thus far. Beachgirl Budget blog is also a good one and how I found your blog.


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