Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh with Febreze ($25 Gift Card Giveaway)

Febreze Though its been a few weeks since contractors finished remodeling our house the basement still smells new.  When my son’s friends come over to play in the morning the moms all comment on the smell of freshly cut wood.  I know this scent won’t last forever, but I sure wish it could.

It’s like the smell of a new car. You open the door, slip behind the steering wheel and absorb that scent of fresh leather. As time goes on you can still smell a little bit of that new aroma and then one day you jump into your car and realize its gone. Unfortunately, its typically replaced by something much less pleasant.

Our car is particularly stinky after the six hour drive from Maryland to North Carolina. I can’t exactly describe the foul odor. I suppose it’s some combination of fast food, sneakers and plain old sitting-in-the-car-for-six-hours stink.

I typically air the car out the day after we arrive. I roll down all the windows and hope some of that salty ocean air will permeate the seats and dashboard. When that doesn’t work I run into the laundry room and grab two dryer sheets and proceed to tuck them in between the sun visors and the roof of the car. The problem with this solution is that the sheets fall out any time you actually need to shield your eyes from the sun, which is not exactly ideal.

I figured there was a better solution to keeping my car smelling fresh and clean without having to roll down the windows for hours on end or use products from my laundry room, but I didn’t know what to try. Eons ago I used those Christmas tree shaped air fresheners that hung from the rear view mirror, but I never liked the way they rocked back and forth when the car moved and I always thought the scent just out of the package was much too potent.

Three Pack

It turns out there is a better solution to covering up the unpleasant odors that build up in your vehicle. Febreze Car Vent Clips attach easily and work immediately. Unlike those old hanging air fresheners you can select the level of scent intensity. You can dial up the notch to produce a lot of fragrance or dial it down for a subtle aroma.  When you adjust the dial to a lower intensity the clip will last for a longer period of time, typically up to thirty days.

While I want to cover up any unpleasant odors in the car I don’t like overpowering scents. In fact, around the house I typically use fragrance free products. I like being able to adjust the intensity of aroma. I want a subtle clean smell, not an overpowering, spritzed by the perfume girl in the makeup department scent.

Unlike my dryer sheet solution these clips attach securely to the vents in your dashboard. Once installed they stay in place until you remove them. I suggest attaching them to a vent that you don’t adjust often. I put mine in the middle most vent of the dashboard, which we never seem to move.

Febreze Car Vent Clips are a great way to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. In fact, if you love that new car smell as much as I do you can buy a clip with the New Car Scent.

Find Febreze Vent Car Clips at your local Walmart and take freshness on the go. They last up to 30 days and help you take the comfort of a fresh-smelling home on the road. Look for a buy-one-get-one free offer in the 3/1 Sunday brandSAVER available at Walmart.


SheSpeaks would like to provide one lucky winner with a $25 Walmart gift card to use towards the purchase of Febreze Vent Car Clips or anything else you might desire.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below. Tell me about the longest amount of time you’ve been stuck in a smelly car, what you do to prevent odors on long road trips or a time you accidentally forgot something smelly (gym clothes, fast food wrappers) in your vehicle. A winner will be selected on March 20th!

A winner was drawn and the random number selected was #36! Congratulations Lucy.

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze.

43 thoughts on “Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh with Febreze ($25 Gift Card Giveaway)”

  1. I accidentallly forgot to get the bag of trash from our roadtrip out of the car when we returned home. It contained leftover food from fastfood restaurants & other uneaten snacks. It was days later in the heat of summer that I realized it & the whole car stunk badly!

  2. Oh for us it was when we were coming home from a road trip, had about 8 hours to go. Hubby started throwing up…we thought it might be from something he ate. He wanted me to keep driving and just get us home. He had a bucket in the back….was a very smelly ride home….but we made it! We just kept the windows open….these vent clips would have been wonderful!

  3. We drove 7 kids, from teens to 7 yrs, from Ohio to Hilton Head in the middle of July. There were a lot of different smells coming from the back. It was one of our best trips ever!


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