Saving a Few Dollars on Dinner

Today after a long week of crock pot dinners, thanksgiving turkey, and a lunch full of leftovers my husband decided he wanted a night away from the kitchen. Now my husband and I rarely go out to dinner. This is partly for financial reasons, partly because I love the way a home-cooked-meal can make a house feel like a home, and partly because we don’t exactly live in the mecca of fine dining. With limited options and rumbling stomachs we decided to head to TGI Friday’s.

Before we left, my husband, who is usually less frugal than I am, decided to Google for a coupon. Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, he printed out an $8 coupon for a free appetizer. I grabbed the coupon, my Friday’s Gold Points card, and a gift card we received for Christmas last year and headed out the door.

When the bill arrived they subtracted $8 for the appetizer, applied the remainder of the gift card balance, and awarded points to our rewards card. We now have just enough points to redeem a gift card from the Gold Points catalog. In addition, our receipt includes an $8 coupon for our next visit to Friday’s. (We just have to fill out a short online survey.)

When all was said and done we saved $8, received a future coupon for $8, received a $15 gift card through Gold Points, ate a delicious meal, and enjoyed quality time together after a stressful week with relatives. Not a bad way to spend the evening after Thanksgiving.

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