Too Frugal for Oprah’s Favorite Things

Tonight as I was fast-forwarding through a Tivo’d version of Oprah’s Favorite Things I realized just how sensible I’ve become about my finances. When Oprah revealed the most expensive gift ever, an LG HDTV refrigerator, I wondered who needs a $3,799 refrigerator with a LCD TV and DVD hookup? I’m happy with my $600 refrigerator that simply keeps the milk and cheese chilled. I have no need for a $100 panini press, when I can make the same sandwich with a frying pan and a brick. And who wants to spend $59 for 9 cupcakes when I can bake two dozen for $2?

I know, I know, I shouldn’t think these things. The point of Oprah’s show is not to introduce the audience to sensible, cost-conscious products. The point is to wow the audience with items that Oprah uses and loves. And although I know Oprah is one of the richest women in the world I still admire her for sharing these products and boosting the bottom lines of these companies, without taking profit in their sales or charging them for the advertisement of their goods.

But still as I was watch her reveal a $141 turtleneck, $42 soaps and a $1500 watch I realize that there wasn’t much on her list that I am desperate to own. Perhaps I’ve become too frugal to enjoy Oprah’s Favorite Things?

6 thoughts on “Too Frugal for Oprah’s Favorite Things”

  1. I fear that those shows create a desire in the average viewer to aspire to own these products. Like you said, no one needs a $3,800 refrigerator. So while it’s nice that it is being given away, LG is only giving them away on the Oprah show in the hopes that everyone watching will go out and buy it.

    In my opinion, Oprah is just celebrating a consumerist lifestyle, and one that most people can’t afford anyway.

  2. I saw that! I also would not buy most of those things. In fact, I fantasized about how much money I could get and save by selling those things on ebay if I were in the audience.

  3. Ha! Maybe I should search for some of Oprah’s Favorite Things on eBay and see if any of the items are shipping from Macon, GA!

  4. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for rich people to spend their money. But, I think one frugal girl’s got the right idea. If you can’t afford it be grateful for whatcha got! Your fridge keeps the food in your house just as cold as the $3,800 refrigerator. I think having a sense of what is outrageously expensive grounds you and keeps you in touch with the rest of the planet. It’s certainly not insurance that you’ll use your $ wisely, i.e. charitable, foundations, etc. but it’s worth a shot. Those shows can lead folks to buy things out of their budget and that’s not a “good thing”.


  5. Good for you!

    I suspect that as many consumers “credit-bility” is revealed in the coming months, demand for items like these will wane., and the market will shift back to the well off.

    Along with it, Oprah’s audience will no longer find her “favorite things” among their “favorite things”.


  6. I agree with you…I’d like maybe one or two items on her list, but she’s got more money than sense these days.

    Come visit my pad, where I select one of her “faves” every day and dissect it all to kingdom come.

    Great blog, BTW!


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