Saving Electricity and Getting Rewarded

I recently signed up for the Energy Wise Rewards Program offered to Pepco customers in the state of Maryland. In exchange for a yearly discount on my bill I’ve granted the electric company the ability to alter my thermostat settings during high periods of electric consumption. Despite the massive heat wave plaguing the east coast Pepco has not had the need to change my thermostat settings yet.

Have any of you signed up for similar programs in your area? If so what has your experience been so far?

1 thought on “Saving Electricity and Getting Rewarded”

  1. We don't have a rewards program in the Tucson area, but we do have an "equalization" program – if you have been a customer for a year or more, they will average your utility bills for the year and that is what you pay each month. This is great especially for the summer months which are our high use months. We pay $100/month all year. This is way better than being hit with a $350 bill in August!


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