Robbed for the Second Time in Just Over a Year

I’ve been robbed again. Just over a year ago thieves rummaged through my car in search of goodies. Last time they walked away with nothing more than pocket change. This time they took off with my GPS and $6 in cash.

My car was parked in the driveway just outside of my house and next to one of our other vehicles. I’m not sure if the thief came while we were out celebrating the fourth of July or if he showed up during the night while we were sleeping. Either way I’m rather disturbed by the the whole incident.

I’m angry at myself for a) leaving the driver’s side door unlocked and b) leaving the GPS inside the glove box. Honestly, it’s one of those strange moments where you think back and wonder what happened.

For starters I almost never leave the door unlocked. I am a stickler for locking the car door as soon as I get out of the vehicle. Yesterday I went out in the afternoon and when I returned home I consciously wondered whether or not I should lock the door.

I left the door unlocked because my husband and I were heading back out in a matter of minutes to attend a 4th of July celebration. I knew we’d have a bunch of appetizers and camera equipment in our hands so I decided not to lock the door so it would be one less thing to contend with. Unfortunately, when we left the house we decided to hop into a different vehicle and as we drove away I completely forgot that the car was unlocked.

It’s bad enough that I left the car door unlocked, but worse yet I left the GPS wrapped up inside the glove box. That’s something I NEVER do! In fact, when the car was broken into last time the GPS was tucked safely away inside our house. To be honest I’m not even sure why the GPS was in the glove box and why I didn’t wrap it up and take it inside like I always do.

Even when I come home from work with my laptop, lunchbox and sometimes bagfuls of groceries I still manage to find a free hand to grab the GPS and take it inside. In fact, most nights it’s the first thing I wrap up before stepping out of the car. I typically pull the dock and GPS down from the windshield, wrap the cord around the base, and throw it inside my purse before heading inside. For some reason I didn’t do this yesterday.

Regardless of the facts that brought me to my current predicament I have now had my car rummaged through for the second time in just over a year and this time the thieves actually took items of value. It’s so frustrating!

I’m so discouraged to think that I clip coupons and save my pennies only to have someone steal an item out of my vehicle worth a few hundred dollars. The good news is that the thieves only went into the car and not into our home, that no one was hurt and that all of the items are replaceable. Still it’s horribly frustrating!

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  1. Ugh, sorry about your loss – that's so frustrating. I'm usually more worried about why I've gone and forgotten some normal reflex reaction in those situations, after I get over the frustration.

  2. Karma will attend to the thieves, but think it could have been worse what if they had taken off with the car ???

  3. I've had stuff stolen when accidentally unattended at the gym. It really makes me think less of my fellow man (and woman). Yeah, I should have been more careful, but even if the thief didn't know that the item belonged to me, they sure as @#$% knew it didn't belong to them!

  4. I was burglarized several times while living in Philadelphia, including once as a broke single mom. That time I had practically nothing to steal but they made off with several of my T-shirts, my clock radio and a couple of dollars' worth of change from the baby's bank.
    The radio was the hardest part for me: Not only was it my only source of entertainment (the campus radio station played a wide variety of tunes), it was also my alarm clock. For the next couple of weeks I had to have my sister call every morning to wake me up for work.
    I take it back: The hardest part was the feeling of vulnerability and the fear that whoever did it might come back when the baby and I were home.
    And like you, I was frustrated that I was living a hand-to-mouth existence and someone decided to take something that was really valuable to me. I had to save for a couple of weeks to get enough cash for a new (cheap) clock radio. Sigh.

  5. That's terrible.. never leave the doors to your home unlocked. How scary!
    -Frightening for Donna as well. Who steals from a baby's piggy bank? Seriously?
    There are some awful people in this world but there are also great people.
    Last March I was with my family at the zoo and set my purse on a picnic table to take a picture and completely forgot about my purse until about 30 minutes later as we were walking to the gate to leave. I ran back across the whole zoo to the picnic table and my purse was gone but someone had turned it in to the food stand next to it. Everything was still in and I had a lot of valuables in my purse (iphone, wallet with cc's and even my social security card (i don't usually carry that with me).. it would've been a disaster..
    So there are some good people left in this world! You can't focus on the bad!

  6. The last time I was robbed was 6 years old when I had my bicycle stollen. I remember the realisation that not all people are nice. I can't believe people are even bothering stealing gps units anymore what are the worth second hand like $10 that can't buy much crack? I don't know i'm not intimately aquainted with the crack ecconomy.

    The most important thing is that they didn't trash your car

  7. Thank you all for reminding me that it certainly could have been a lot worse. I know there are just as many good people in the world as bad people. Donna's story is just awful, but Merveilleux's story restores my faith in humanity.

    At least the thieves won't make much money off of my ancient GPS. Thanks benjamin for reminding me of that.

  8. I'm so sorry for this! I wish our auto insurance covered theft like renter's insurance does. But, the worst is that this is the section time. I do believe in Karma and that this person's act will lead to some kind of ill for him or her down the road.


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