Saving Pennies and Dimes

Thoughts on my compulsion to save:


  • My husband keeps telling me to look at the big picture and stop saving pennies and dimes. I hear him, (even though he thinks I am ignoring his words), but I have a hard time actually foll0wing through on that. When diapers are on sale at the local drug store I feel compelled to clip my coupons, circle the ads and head to the store to save. I bought three packs of diapers for less than two dollars a pack! Does anyone ever get over this compulsion?
  • I need to remind myself that Costco and/or Amazon are almost always cheaper than any other alternative. The other day I rushed to Target after a dentist appointment to stock up on toilet paper. We were running desperately low! Between coupons and sales I twenty-seven rolls for nearly half the original price. I patted myself on the back, then checked out the Amazon price before driving home. You guessed it. Even with the discounted price, coupons and gift card after purchase the items were nearly the same price on Amazon. I could have skipped the store, the line and dragging those darn rolls out of the store in favor of one click and a box at my door. When will I learn?

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