Selling to a Consignment Shop (Trip #3)

Bouncy Seat Over the weekend my husband and I loaded a bunch of baby equipment into the car and headed for the nearest consignment shop. This isn’t a traditional consignment store. At this particular place a buyer reviews the items I bring in and pays me upfront for anything they want to try and sell. I earn less than a typical consignment shop would pay, but I don’t have to wait around for someone to buy my items and I don’t need to return to the shop to pick up a check.

I gathered a bunch of big ticket items and a small box of clothing and other miscellaneous items. Here is a list of what sold:

I received $44 for all items, which was roughly $10 per big ticket item and just over $1 for the rest.

I’ll be honest. I thought the big items would sell for slightly more than $10 a piece. When I asked for a little more information on the stores pricing policy I was told the highest payout is 40%. The baby equipment I sold would be priced between $24.99 and $27.99 and sure enough 40% is somewhere between $9 and $11.

Total sold to date:

Grand Total = $203.71

On a non-financial note I must admit I was quite sad to part with one particular piece of baby equipment. When my oldest was small I would place him in a bouncy seat in the morning so I could prepare breakfast, accomplish small household tasks like cleaning up or generally just give my arms a five minute break.

Every time I turned on the music the same song would play and when I turned that song on for the very last time tears streamed down my face. It’s hard to believe that little guy is now four years old. It’s also hard to believe my youngest will also be my last baby.

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